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Account Closure Information

Why was my account closed?

Your account may have been closed due to violations of the casino's terms and conditions, suspicious or illegal activity, verification and identification issues, responsible gambling concerns, or technical problems and errors.

What can cause my account to be closed?

Activities that can lead to account closure include:

Who decides to close my account?

The casino makes the decision to close accounts in accordance with their terms and conditions and the UK Gambling Commission guidelines.

Can a bank block my account for gambling?

Yes, a bank can block transactions or an account for gambling-related reasons, such as suspected fraudulent activity or policy violations.

How do I unblock my account?

To unblock your account, contact your bank to understand the block reason and comply with any verification process they require.

How can I sue a betting site for blocking my account?

To pursue legal action, consult a lawyer who specializes in gambling law for advice on your case based on the betting site's terms and the law.

What can I do if my account was closed?

If your account has been closed, you should:

Will I still have access to my money?

You should have at least 12 months to verify your identity and withdraw your funds after account closure. Restrictions may apply if the closure was due to illegal activity or failure to verify identity.

For more information, visit the Gambling Commission's advice on closed accounts.

Can a betting site block me for winning too much?

Yes, a betting site can restrict or suspend your account if they believe you are winning an excessive amount, which might indicate professional betting or exploitation of their systems.

Betting sites use various methods to determine if a user is exploiting their system:

FAQ: Account Closure at Online Casinos

Why might my online casino account be closed?

Accounts can be closed for violating terms, suspicious activity, verification issues, responsible gambling concerns, or technical errors.

What actions can lead to account closure?

Duplicate accounts, betting from restricted countries, using VPNs, account sharing, incorrect payment details, professional betting, cheating, bonus abuse, or unusual betting patterns can trigger closure.

Who has the authority to close my casino account?

The casino has the authority to close accounts in line with their policies and UK Gambling Commission regulations.

Can my bank block my account due to gambling?

Yes, banks can block accounts for suspected fraudulent gambling activity or policy violations.

How can I unblock my casino account?

Contact the casino's customer support for the block reason and follow their instructions to unblock your account.

Is it possible to sue a betting site for blocking my account?

You can pursue legal action but should first consult with a gambling law specialist to evaluate your case.

What should I do if my account was closed?

Review the casino's terms, contact support for an explanation, and consider appealing or filing a complaint if necessary.

Will I have access to my funds if my account is closed?

You should have 12 months to verify your identity and withdraw funds, unless access is restricted due to illegal activities or verification issues.