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How to Win at Slot Machines 2024

When it comes to slots in 2024, it's important to understand that they are totally random and that winnings are activated solely based on probability.

The goal of the casino is to keep players engaged for longer periods, so it's important to focus on the right aspects. There's a lot of discussion about RTP (Return to Player) and the volatility of slots. However, the only thing players really need to consider is the volatility; the rest is often data that is more important for the casino and less so for the players. We will go over some strategies for both low and high volatility slots, but first, we need to understand what volatility means in this context.

What is are Volatility

Volatility refers to how frequently a slot machine pays out and the size of the payouts. For example, a slot with high volatility pays out less often, but when it does, the payouts are typically larger. Conversely, a slot with low volatility pays out more frequently, but the payouts are generally smaller some example of slots with low and high volatility are.

Volatility Slot
Low Starburst
Low Blood Suckers
High Book of Ra
High Big Catch Bass Fishing

Why Is It So Important to Understand Volatility in Slot Games?

When it comes to volatility, understanding how the game is designed is crucial. If there's one thing we want you to remember from this guide, it's this section, as it's the most important. Consider this analogy about volatility:

Two fishermen spent the day fishing in different lakes. The first caught one large fish, while the second caught ten small ones. Despite the difference in their numbers, the total weight of their catches was identical. Now, imagine you're planning to go fishing the next day. Which lake would you choose? One where you have the chance to catch only one big fish, or the other where you can catch many small fish? This scenario is similar to how slot machines are designed. Remember, over the course of a day, you're not the only one trying to 'catch a fish'. So, let's go over some strategies we can apply.

slot high volatility

High Volatility Slot Strategies

When searching for casinos, it's beneficial to look for those offering no wagering requirements on the first deposit, along with free spins on a high volatility slot. This approach increases the chance of hitting a big payout using the casino's money, not the player's own funds.

A good example of this is the pools casino, where players will receive a small number of free spins on a high volatility slot like Big Catch Bass Fishing, but there are no wagering requirements on the free spins. We have created a full list of new slot sites that offers this types of bonuses.

New Slot Sites Offering High Volatility Bonuses

If we manage to hit that big jackpot and get more free money from the casino, the best strategy is to switch over to a slot with low volatility once we have no more free spins.

slot low volatility

Low Volatility Slots Strategies

When playing low volatility slots, the best approach is to maximize your bonus, as this will gradually help build up your bankroll. We are looking for online casinos with low wagering requirements where we can get more money to play with.

There are often two types of wagering requirements: one where the deposit and the bonus are multiplied by a number, and another where only the bonus is multiplied by the first deposit. The second option is generally better as it makes it easier to fulfill the requirements.

The goal is to gradually meet the wagering requirements while playing low volatility slots with extra money from the casino. Most new casino sites offer these types of bonuses, often including free spins on low volatility slots. Keep an eye out for free spins on Starburst, as it is considered a low volatility slot, or refer to the table above for more options.

Try Out Some New Slots Sites With Low Volatility Slots

Tips on Which Slot Machines to Play and Strategies to Use

For players who are just starting out, we recommend finding casinos that offer free spins on high volatility slots. This approach presents less risk of losing their own money initially. At the same time, players will have an opportunity to learn about the game. Once the free spins have run out, it's better to switch over to a slot with low volatility.

The best strategy is to start playing low-volatility slots on new slot sites that offer a bonus on deposit, to build up the bankroll slowly, and then switch over to a slot with high volatility to take an extra risk in hopes of hitting a big payout.

Slots With Low Volatility

Volatility Slot
Low Starburst
Low Blood Suckers
Low Wolf Run
Low Cornelius
Low Crystal Vault

When it comes to buying features on new slots, in the long run, it's better to stay away from using this feature. It should be treated similarly to playing on a high volatility slot.

It's important to set goals for when to stop, as in the long run, the casino's goal is to keep players at the slot as long as possible. Remember to maintain a clear mind when playing slots and don’t gamble if you feel frustrated or if you need the money to pay bills. Gambling can be addictive and should be treated as a form of entertainment only.

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